Reward Points and rewards

What are Reward Points?

Reward Points are a form of virtual currency awarded to MyOpinionMatters community members for participating in surveys and getting family and friends to join MyOpinionMatters.

For every survey you complete, your MyOpinionMatters account will be credited with a pre-determined amount of Reward Points. The number of points being offered per survey will be highlighted in the email invitation sent to you and you can check your points balance at any stage via your membership account.

The number of points you receive for completing each survey will depend on factors such as the length of the survey or the topic being covered. On average this will range between 50-200 points which equates to €0.50 - €2 per survey, which you can then redeem for free gift cards from some of your favourite retailers and brands.

How do I check my Reward Points balance?

You can view your account balance anytime by logging into your account and going to the My Rewards section.

How do I spend/redeem my Reward Points?

When your points balance reaches the redeemable balance threshold of 2,000 points, you can then convert your Reward Points into a free €20 Gift Card from any of our rewards partners, or if you prefer, you can donate your earnings to a selected cause or charity.

MyOpinionMatters has teamed up with different rewards partners to thank you for your time and participation in our surveys. To view our rewards partners, please visit our Rewards page.

To redeem your Reward Points, you first need to log in to your MyOpinionMatters account. On the My Rewards page, you will see all the available gift cards. When you have reached 2000 points you will be able to choose a reward partner and order your gift card. Please allow up to 4-6 weeks for the delivery of your gift card.

How long do I have to wait to receive my Reward Points?

The amount of time required for crediting Reward Points to your account depends on the survey. For some surveys, rewards are applied very quickly or within a matter of days, while for other surveys, rewards are credited to your account after the project has closed. You can expect to see Reward Points credited to your account no later than 30 working days, though we try to limit this as much as possible.

You can view and monitor your points balance anytime by logging into your account and checking the "My Rewards" page.

How do I enter a prize draw?

Every time you are screened out of a survey, you will be entered into our monthly prize draw giving you the opportunity to win a range of fantastic prizes! These entries will gradually build up throughout the month (depending on the levels of activity), and entrees will then automatically get entered into the prize draw at the end of every month.

The prize winners will then be chosen at random and awarded the relevant prize. After every monthly prize draw, the list of eligible entries will be reset to zero and the process of adding entries will commence again for the next month.

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