The surveys are interesting and varied, and it is nice to be able to influence the brands that I usually buy.
Piotr, 41, Limerick
Taking part in the surveys is very rewarding. Thinking over each of the questions definitely helps keep me sharp!
Padraig, 74, Dublin
My favourite is when I get advance knowledge of ad campaigns before they go public. Cool to be able to see if my suggestions made an impact.
Alicia, 18, Dublin
I really enjoy taking part in these surveys. They make me think about my own opinions and are a welcome break from motherhood, if only for five minutes. I hope to continue taking part for as long as possible.
Joanne, 33, Offaly
I usually do the surveys when I need a break from study. The gift cards are very handy for keeping my phone topped up in credit too.
Liam, 20, Tralee


MyOpinionMatters is Ireland's leading market research community. Made up of thousands of men and women just like you, MyOpinionMatters allows people from all over Ireland to participate in surveys and in return get paid for their opinions - as well as having the opportunity to help shape the products and services that companies provide.